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Your time is too valuable to work with just any recruiter.


You know how it is with some recruiting professionals: far too often, they reach out to you with no understanding of what you do let alone the type of talent you and your organization need to grow and excel.  Sometimes, that same recruiter may not have even bothered to learn how to pronounce the name of your business.  Even on those occasions when the recruiter has done some homework, they often miss the mark sourcing prospects in the hopes that their misguided idea of a great attorney is in line with your idea of a great attorney.


At LegalSummit, our Search Consultants will always approach your needs with a comprehensive understanding of​ your organization and what you do.  They will not only have sourced qualified prospects for similar opportunities in the past - they will have also practiced as an attorney in a similar role themselves. In addition, our Search Consultants will have taken the time to know your past hiring trends in order to better understand your unique standards and efficiently deliver the best talent available.


You can therefore be assured that a phone call from a LegalSummit Search Consultant will be one worth taking and that our prospects will always be at or near the top of your list.

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